Information on Quilt Appraisals, Care, Dating, Restoration and Values


The following web sites provide historical information:

Quilt History Web site: Articles on Quilting, links to many great quilting history sites:

International Quilt Study Center & Museum: Searchable data base of quilts and Pod cast Lectures:

New Pathways Into Quilt History: Quilt history articles:

Vintage Fabrics - IN SEARCH OF WARP ENDS : by Joan Kiplinger:

Illinois Quilt History:

State Quilt Documentation and Regional Quilt History: A Selective Bibliography:

Barbara Brackman Web Site; Quilt Historian:

Hart Cottage Quilts: Quilt History articles:

Patches From the Past: Scraps of Textile, Needlework & Quilt History:

America's Quilting History: Tour of America's Quilting Through Time, Articles:


The following web sites provide guidance and instructions for care of quilts:

Great Lakes Quilt Center, Michigan State University Museum: Quilt Care:

Patches From the Past: Quilt Care:

The Textile Museum. Quilt Care & Display:

Hart Cottage Quilts: quilt care articles:

University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension, Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources: Care and Conservation of Heirloom Textiles:

Smithsonian Institution: Care of Victorian Silk quilts and Slumber throws:

Canadian Conservation Institute / Insitut canadien de conservation: Notes Textiles and Fibres


Quilt Organizations:

American Quilt Study Group:

American Quilter's Society:

The Quilt Index: A Research Tool:

Studio Art Quilt Associates:

The National Quilt Museum of the United States:

The Alliance for American Quilts:

The Canadian Quilters' Association/Association canadienne de la


Piecemakers Country Store:

Olive Oil
Olive Oil
2003, by Carlene Buck
Machine quilted by Candy Weir

Olde Colony Rose (detail)

detail of "Olde Colony Rose"
designed & constructed
by Sandy Schweitzer, owner




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